Life Coaching

TURNING POINT COACHING brings training, experience, care, skills and absolute confidentiality. You bring any concerns that you have about relationships, values, business, career, finance, personal values, guilt or fear (the list is endless!). During the early sessions we will work together to define your own life plan. This has elements of goal setting but, is proactive with an emphasis on goal achievement.

Our approach is simple that is, once you have generated a number of possible options the next stage will be for you to decide which one or ones you want to try out to help you towards your goals. In this final stage you are moving from discussion to decision and action.

The coach will aim to assist you in clarifying for yourself:

  • What you are going to do
  • When you are going to do it
  • Whether it is likely to help you meet your goals
  • What difficulties you might encounter and how you might deal with them
  • What support you may try to get to help you in your actions.

We at TURNING POINT COACHING find the DiSC Style Analysis as the ideal tool to accelerate the coaching process, identify the strengths and soft-spots of the client and to rapidly assist the client in developing strategies based on the information in the DiSC report.

More on the DiSC Profile System's Current Use and Value to Business and Personal.

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