Business Coaching


Business coaching is facilitative one-to-one coaching with business managers and owners. Coaching is focused on the success of the business and is likely to include a mixture of short and long term objectives.


It is lonely at the top. Especially for an owner-manager. Running a business can be lonely. Issues such as your own growth and development, working relationships with your management team or specific business challenges can be highly confidential. But these matters are also important enough to merit the rare opportunity to discuss them, think out loud and receive constructive feedback.


TURNING POINT COACHING   specialises in equipping specific set of core competencies and skills to leaders and managers. Managers need training so that they develop those specific skills, know when and how to use them, and have confidence in themselves to coach people. With the right training, your company will benefit dramatically from this coaching.


Results of Working with a Coach:
The outcomes that clients most often attribute to their coaching are a higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence, a more balanced life, and smarter goal-setting and lower stress levels. Clients reported experiencing the following outcomes as a result of working with a coach:



Setting better goals

More balanced life

Project completion

Lower stress levels

Health or fitness improvement


Better relationship with boss, co-workers


Better relationships

Improvement in quality of life

Increased energy

Enhanced communication skills

More fun


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